posted by Alex Barta I recently came across a LaDainian Tomlinson game-used jersey on E-Bay. The seller got the jersey from Tae Cody, one of Tomlinson's teammates, who is from her home town. I checked out the pictures of the jersey, and all signs pointed to it's authenticity. I bid and won the auction. I received it today, and I believe it to be genuine.
I am wanting an expert opinion. It has the "Berlin, WI" tag on the right side as well as the strip tag inside the cowl. The jersey is the white Chargers away uniform from 2002, and is a size 48.

Let me know what you think of this jersey's authenticity...
Also, what price would you put on this particular jersey?

Thank you for your time,
Alex Barta

P.S. Please contact me for pictures of the jersey.