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Thread: WTB... Kurt Suzuki

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    WTB... Kurt Suzuki

    I am still looking to add to my Kurt Suzuki collection. Please let me know what you have for sale. Also please have a price for the item, don't ask me what I would offer.

    Looking for any memorabilia from college, minors, Washington Nationals & Oakland Athletics. I am looking for his early A's #28 & #24 jerseys. I also need a Nationals Suzuki personal model bat for my collection.

    Feel free to email me...

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    Re: WTB... Kurt Suzuki

    I am still looking for Kurt Suzuki items.

    I am also looking for a Kolten Wong bat with the Hawaiian flag or island logo. Thought I was getting one but the guy hasn't written back to me in over a month. I guess he decided to keep it.

    Email me at,

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    Re: WTB... Kurt Suzuki

    I am looking for a game-used Washington Nationals bat. I finally found a game-issued bat.

    Please let me know if you have any other Kurt Suzuki items for sale. I am always looking for more. Also please list a price for the item.

    Email me at,

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    Still looking for Kurt Suzuki items. I still need a Nationals game used bat.

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