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Welcome to Game Used Universe Jersey Database!

The database made its debut on August 1, 2006 reinforcing the fact that Game Used Universe was created by collectors, for collectors.  This could already be seen quite clearly in that Game Used Universe's "Bat Player Charts" section and "Ask About Bat Shipping Records" forum have already provided bat collectors with access to research tools never before available to the general collecting community. 

We also heard the cries of jersey collectors for information they desperately need to aid them in their collecting endeavors.  As such, we set to work on our jersey database initiative to allow our Premium members access to a research tool that will empower them like never before. 

We are now proud to bring before the collecting community a jersey data repository with flexible search features and rich content.  The images will be collected and categorized through submissions by Game Used Universe members and verified by Game Used Universe's authorized approvers.  The Game Used Universe Jersey Database will give jersey collectors access to examples of jerseys for various sports, teams, players, years and manufacturers.

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