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Default Re: Mystery Team - old, game used, fiberglass batting helmet....Recognize the logo?

Originally Posted by jppopma View Post
CJW, Does it look like the logo outline is directly from behind the logo? It may be a "B" like you are thinking and just some extra paint removal from when the decal was removed. It looks sort of jagged like when you peel something off and takes a little extra with it. Maybe you can feel to see if this is the case. Good luck.

Thanks for the post!

The white area is all sticker/decal residue or backing. The outline of it has been mashed up a bit, and it looks like it was used or moved around post the removal of the top of the sticker/decal. I am tempted to remove the remaining sticker to see if it was placed over an older logo (painted on or otherwise) but not sure if I should. chris
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