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Default Re: Photo Matched Bryce Harper bat

Originally Posted by Hog View Post

Thanks for the pictures tho. Man I love the people on this site.

Still looking for a estimated value now that it is photo matched to his professional debut.

Thanks for the help!
Glad to help but the big thanks goes to MarkFD who specifically worked all weekend to get a closeup of his bats.

On the estimated value of your bat I think because it is so unique you have to go with with a range as the real value is what someone would pay for it. I would say today it is $350 to $850 for the range and it could be $1,000's if he lives up to the hype. If he is the natural as they said in Sports Illustrated when he was 16 and one of the greatest ever, add another 0 to that number.
Andrew Lang
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