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Post Re: Who Collects Flannels?

I can off-hand recall at least 55 MLB GU flannels. I do not recall all of the years so the year may be off by one:

S. Musial (Cardinals) 1960
W. Mays (Giants) 1968
W. McCovey (Giants) 1972
E. Mathews (Astros) 1967
H. killebrew (Twins) 1963
A Kaline (Tigers) 1965
J DiMaggio (A's) 1968-coach
N Fox (Senators) 1969 -coach
T. Williams (Senators) 1969-coach
H. Newhauser (Tigers) 1943
R. Jackson (A's) 1973
R. Ruffing (Yankees) 1938
F. Frisch uniform (Pirates) 1942-manager
W. Alston (Dodgers) 1969
R. Schoendienst (Braves) 1960
E. Combs (Red Sox) 1951-coach/HOF
B. Doerr (Red Sox) 1949
H. Wilhelm (Braves) 1970
R. Fingers (A's) 1972
R. Roberts (Astros) 1966
J. Bunning (Pirates) 1968
L. Durocher (Giants) 1954 HOF manager
A. Lopez (White Sox) 1962 HOF manager
E. Wynn (Indians) 1965 coach
B. Harris (Senators) 1953-HOF manager
D. DiMaggio (Red Sox) 1951
J. Pesky (Red Sox) 1949
V. Stephens (St. Louis Browns) 1948
J. Garagiola (Cardinals) 1947: he remembered giving this jersey to Barry Halperin when I met him at his book signing.
H. Breechen (Cardinals) 1947
D. Larsen (Orioles) 1965
T. Kluzewski (Pirates) 1959
M. Wills (Pirates) 1968
M. Alou (Pirates) 1968
S. Mc Dowell (Indians) 1966
V. Trucks (KC Athletics) 1957--2 No-hitters
T. Olivia (Twins) 1968
E. Yost (Angels) 1962
L. Thomas (Angels) 1962
P. Perritt (Giants) 1919--NIC with Ross Youngs pants
Phillies 1928 era uniform-- no NIC and no number on back yet
J. Cooley (Boston Braves) 1923--NIC
H. Majeski (Philadelphia A's) 1948
E. Joost (Philadelphia) 1949
B.Uecker (Cardinals) 1964
B. Nieman (Orioles) 1958
F. Crosetti (Pilots spring training) 1969
Phillies: J. Callison 1966, B. White 1968, G. Mauch 1967, R. Joseph 1968, O. Gamble 1971, J. Johnson 1969, G. Jackson 1970, M. Jackson 1970, R. Roberts 1876 style uniform as honorary captain at 1976 MLB All Star game
Dugout jackets: B Dickey (Yankees) 1952- coach, J. Mize ( Giants) 1947, E. Rapp (St. Louis Browns) 1951

I have numerous other knits of HOFers and super stars--including virtually every HOFer who was playing after 1972

I have been doing this for a long time.

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