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Default Re: Ripken 2007 U.D. Masterpieces Signed Original Artwork

Originally Posted by xpress34 View Post
Bill -

I did forget to ask... what size is the art? My Holliday is 8" x 10", but the Tulo and EY's are varying sizes (4" x 6" to approx 8" x 8")


- Smitty

The painting is approx. 16 x20 in size.....Quick story, I did acquire an original Ripken Family painting done by the legendary artist Dick Perez last year that I haven't had signed for the reasons you noted earlier.

When I got this painting earlier this spring and noted the "open" un-finished spot in the lower right hand corner, I thought that it was a good spot for Cal to sign it ONLY if he would add the inscription I had desired (which he was happy to do for me after I had showed him the card itself).

Thanks for the kind words!

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