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General Sports Discussion This forum is intended for discussions of general sports and hobby-related topics outside of specific game used memorabilia. This forum is not intended for topics unrelated to sports and will be monitored in strict accordance with forum rules.

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Old 02-16-2006, 06:07 PM
byergo byergo is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2006
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Default Re: Steroids--YOUR cost! $$$

Forgot Sosa (with his steroids AND corked bat) who will also for sure not get 1st ballot HOF vote.
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Old 02-16-2006, 10:23 PM
nate nate is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2005
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Default Re: Steroids--YOUR cost! $$$

Yes, steroids have been illegal in the U.S. without doctors approval. But legal "Precursors" have been available over the counter for some time. Ephedra was everywhere just a few years ago as a diet pill. Now it's taken off the market because of the stress it causes on the body with potential heart failure. Athletes walk into health food stores all the time looking for something to help them with their performance on the field. The problem is the FDA has not approved all supplements on the market. One athlete tells another athlete that this over the counter product works for them. Perfectly legal over the counter product. He uses it and it helps him recover faster from workouts. The problem is how do you police something that is unregulated by the FDA. Most companies that make the supplements and protein shakes use the same mixer for different products. How many athletes pre-1990 were using greenies? How many were taking supplements from this and other coutries? We can all speculate on what they took whether legal or illegal. I think the big debate for the HOF will be....how many of them broke the rules?

Take care,

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Old 02-16-2006, 11:17 PM
2000mvpfan's Avatar
2000mvpfan 2000mvpfan is offline
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Default Re: Steroids--YOUR cost! $$$

Hey Guys-
Speaking from my own experience:I collect Giambi game-used stuff,and I'll tell you what,he seems to be forgiven since winning Comeback of the Year.Between December '04 and July '05 (when he was heating up) there was practically ZERO interest in him,and I got some great items for peanuts including a rookie year green A's alternate jersey with paperwork from the A's for about $360,and a signed pair of game-used cleats with a signed,game-used '00 bat (with ASI coa's) for $530 TOGETHER!Fast forward to late '05 'till the present,and on e-bay and other auction sites,bats are back in the $300-$400 range (with some Yankee ones going for even more) and I even saw an '01 A's signed home jersey going for $1400 on one website!This is to say nothing of Steiner,who during the controversy laid low on Giambi,but now has (take your pick...) home,away,and bp jerseys and game-used hats that you can own for just $2,000 each! Apparently,somebody's buying 'em,cause a couple were sold out.Anyway,even if they were worth nothing I'd keep 'em cause I like the guy,but I 'd say (in his case at least) that he's back on the rise in the hobby again.....at least for now.

..........by the way,still looking for a single or pair of his g/u batting gloves-just can't find the damn things!

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