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Game Used Memorabilia Discussion General discussions of game used related memorabilia.

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Old Yesterday, 10:59 AM
MTC MTC is offline
Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 95
Default Alex Rodriguez Game-Used Valuing

Where do you guys think the prices of his game-used gear will head this season and for the future? I'd imagine prices will be down from what they had been but Steiner does control the market so you never know. Anybody in it for the long haul and not worrying about dumping their items purchased in the past (and most likely at a premium)?

Curious to hear people's thoughts.
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Old Yesterday, 12:03 PM
jake33 jake33 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 2,604
Default Re: Alex Rodriguez Game-Used Valuing

Rodriguez is set to hit some noteworthy milestones this season. The interest around those milestones will be very telling. What hurts is that the issues he had recently are re-hatched in the media over the last few weeks. The negative things about Alex will very fresh in peoples minds, so the timing of the milestones and dislike for him will be interesting to watch.

Rodriguez will likely get these milestones this year:

3000 hits - he is 61 hits shy.... Contingent on his health, I would say he will get that milestone around June 18, 2015. This is arguably the biggest milestone he will reach this year, because it is viewed as an exclusive club by fans. If he is on the road and gets his 3000th hit, he likely will get booed. Who knows the reception he would get in Yankee Stadium. When Jeter got his 3000th hit, the marketing and buzz around that was pretty big, with A-Rod, I would not be surprised if the merchandising and marketing of the event is much more low key.

661 homeruns ---- Passing Willie Mays on the homerun list to be 4th all time. Mays is so well liked, it may actually just upset people that he passes Mays.

2,000 career Runs scored - he needs 81 runs---- This is not going to make huge headlines and will likely be a blurb on ESPN. Only 7 players all time have 2000 runs scored, so it is a very impressive stat. Here is an interesting point, Alex will likely pass Jeter on the runs scored list within 10 days of the season starting. Someone will mention that and that too could upset people that he passed Jeter.

2,000 RBI -- he needs 31 ----- On the way to 2000 RBI he will pass Lou Gerhig and Barry Bonds. I can see Alex getting both end of the spectrum on this milestone..... Juxtaposed against Gehrig then linked with Barry Bonds in a negative light. The last time someone reached 2,000 RBI was 1972 (Hank Aaron). That is quite a long time. Alex should reach this by early June at the latest (assuming he is healthy).


All 4 milestones are HUGE HUGE things to achieve, but I could see as each milestone is passed, anger from more and more people. Without a doubt, no one will look with blinders on and view those milestones with out some degree a negativity with associating the PED history.

I think this -- at this point Alex is NOT making tons of NEW fans. I know this from the game used industry..... Neww fans/collectors of game used often help grow the value. The fans/collectors of Alex will remain in a niche group and those people who like him regardless of what he does, will really be the main factor in the value.
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Old Yesterday, 01:56 PM
danesei@yahoo.com danesei@yahoo.com is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 742
Default Re: Alex Rodriguez Game-Used Valuing

Prices are anywhere from 6-10% of their peak value currently, so I would assume the market has bottomed. Prices will go up this season, definitely.
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Old Yesterday, 02:56 PM
TwinLakesPark TwinLakesPark is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Posts: 212
Default Re: Alex Rodriguez Game-Used Valuing

Buy low and sell high, that is the game. Unless he gets caught with dirty pee again, the only direction is up.
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