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  1. Just A short story my wife got her jersey signed
  2. Houston Astros Game Used Contact
  3. Padres Fan Day results
  4. Green Bay Packers Draft Party
  5. Go Senators!
  6. Worth some laughs
  7. Joe Jackson batting trophy
  8. RIP Nick Adenhart
  9. Sad Story:Angels pitcher killed in crash
  10. Has Hanley Ramirez Ever Been Linked to Steriods?
  11. Way O/t - Who Is Col. James Rast?
  12. Interesting Buyback Stories?
  13. O/T Help!!! 1964 Topps Coins
  14. Shipping game used
  15. O/T: Any sports fields/sites dedicated in your hometown?
  16. College Baseball Dealers
  17. OT: Madoff Citifield tickets sold on Ebay
  18. Is AMI paying anyone??
  19. Why, oh why, did the Nationals trade Emilio Bonifacio?
  20. Kalas, longtime Phillies voice, dies at 73
  21. RIP - Mark "The Bird" Fidrych
  22. The right way to treat a Mets Fan!!! lol lol
  23. Legal advice for collectors?
  24. EBay Seller: alexrodriguez13-com
  25. Ebay = Cheapest Most Effective Ad Space Available?
  26. OT: Willie Mays autograph habits.
  27. Cost of Meigray photo matching??
  28. how will Jackie Robinson Day jerseys be sold?
  29. Has Grey Flannel Lost It?
  30. O/T: Albert Broussard please email me....
  31. O.T: Mr Met Funny article(for Mets fans)
  32. Firsts at New Yankee Stadium
  33. Sheffield Hits No. 500
  34. O/T: Copies of old Games
  35. Yankees 2009
  36. Tired of it
  37. Phillies Game Used Contact #
  38. O/T: Why do people bid so early on ebay?
  39. PayPal holding funds in my account on a item I sold? What?
  40. Paypal, Japan, Help!
  41. OT: Worst Draft Picks
  42. What do you think this is worth?
  43. Game Used Universe Forum Policies
  44. O/T, Old pics of A-Rod and Scott Rolen
  45. David Ortiz is superstitious!!
  46. OT: Worst Ballpark Food Ever
  47. International Flavour!
  48. roger maris autograph
  49. OT: A Shoutout To My 11-7 (.611) Buccos...
  50. MLB Authenticatin not working... Who do I contact?
  51. I'm flying to Boston - where to stay near Fenway?
  52. 1986&2004Bosox can you please email me?
  53. Any Bears/Colorado Buffs fan want to split a lot?
  54. Removing Signature from a baseball
  55. Japan Contact
  56. O/T: Dodgers Under the Lights
  57. A-Rod-Selena Roberts Book
  58. Will A-rod Be Offering Game Used Bras??
  59. Will your collection ever be complete?
  60. O/T: For Joe Mauer Collectors
  61. O/T Is The Gig Up For Our Fvaorite Auction House AMERICAN MEMORABILIA?
  62. I stooped to a new low...
  63. thought i would share my new rare yankee shirt
  64. Any thoughts on why David Ortiz hasn't hit a HR?
  65. Vintage NFL jerseys that I wanted to share w/ the forum
  66. Agent Adam Katz Contact Info Needed!
  67. Wtf!!! W/the Bumping
  68. I have an odd question....
  69. ARod and allegations of pitch tipping
  70. Ball Park Heroes
  71. Ebay is now getting on my last nerve!!!
  72. Dodgers Break 90 Year Old Record!!
  73. Contact for Broncos Game Used?
  74. Journalist Fires Back at Selena Roberts AROD Book!!!
  75. Who is sick and tired of hearing about Arod?
  77. What Happens To Us When They Get Caught
  78. No More Excuses For Manny Ramirez - No Accident!
  79. RIP Danny Ozark
  80. O/T: LVS Pink Bats -- Personalized
  81. RIP Dom Dimaggio
  82. Anyone Know Of A Good Video Matching Site For N F L?
  83. encinorick please contact me
  84. RIP Dom DiMaggio
  85. Can anyone calculate how much PED's add to a palyer's stats?
  86. True Dodger Blue Manny Fan
  87. Holy Arod !
  88. Met Pete Rose today and signed his gamer..
  89. Arod+manny=whose Next?
  90. Who's more of a risk to collect?
  91. MOZOOM please contact me
  92. Hockeystick game used bat website?
  93. Manny Ramirez Could Have Been Out For 9 Months
  94. Autograph on metal?
  95. OT: Statman loses it
  96. Mozoom Please Read and Contact Me
  97. DBacks Game Used Contact?
  98. O.T:Mets fan streaker,he slides on his ass!
  99. Question for Super Bowl Ticket Sub Collectors....
  100. Blue Jays GU Contact
  101. Pete Rose says steroids hurt integrity of baseball
  102. AMI payments
  103. What is it about the Yankees little dysfunctional family?
  104. O.T:Leyritz Ex Yankee threatened suicide
  105. OT is every team represented?
  106. OT: Manny jokes
  107. Pirates contact
  108. OT : Marlins rookie pays fan 'ransom' for HR ball
  109. O.T:Cal Ripken&Steroids
  110. Wayman Tisdale passed away - RIP
  111. Building a Locker
  112. allstarsplus
  113. eBay Account Hacked - Question!
  114. Jersey Display Cases
  115. O.T:Gruden replacing Kornheiser on MNF/Afraid of flying
  116. O/T: For Joe Mauer Fans That Aren't From MN
  117. OT: Autograph question
  118. O/T: Im looking for colt brennans agent please help
  119. Does Anyone Collect NFL Coach-Worn Memoribilia?
  120. Nice win Lakers! long series?
  121. worldchamps - please email me
  122. Bookshelf Jersey Display Case..does it exist?
  123. Scot Schoenenwies (sp) wife found dead in AZ
  124. OT: Earliest hobby purchase on the internet
  125. O/T: Collecting Injuries
  126. O/T: Shipping and Packing Tips
  127. Question about mannequinns.......
  128. OT: Placement Stars 2008 All-Star
  129. Attention SF Giants fans & collectors
  130. OT: Met's New Clubhouse Shop
  131. Need video of the MLB 2006 All Star Game BP
  132. JO Sports.........
  133. O/T: Craig Counsell Bats
  134. Is there need for a separate Auction Item Discussion section?
  135. Create the Hall of Famer
  136. egameused could you shoot me an email
  137. Doug Flynn collector on here?
  138. tkweinstein - please contact me
  139. OT: Who's collection would you want?
  140. My Seattle Mariners game issued bat collection.....so far...
  141. Baseball card storage
  142. O.T:Kobe vs. LeBron,Who is better at.......
  143. Not that we need to revisit the whole Manny mess....
  144. OT : Does anyone know who this is???
  145. OT: Manny an All Star???
  146. Thrush29...please email me!
  147. CUGOLFNUT please contact me
  148. O.T:Torre says Ramirez should skip All-Star game
  149. OT: It's about time...
  150. OT: Current hitters MLB debut age
  151. USA Olympic Gold Medalist Passes Away - Rip
  152. OT: Happy Anniversary Cal !
  153. AMI Auction: What Happened???
  154. Your "15 minutes (seconds!) of GU fame...
  155. OT: What city has the worst MLB blackout rules??
  156. Anyone ever purchased one of these (Bat Display Case)
  157. O/T Need a laugh for the day?
  158. Video - Authentication Panel from PCCE 2008 (Lampson, Taube, and Bushing)
  159. O/T Glavine cut by Braves, loyalty screwed again
  160. Bryce Harper the real deal?
  161. Anyone interested in Randy Johnson 300 win game tickets?
  162. 300!!!!
  163. D-Day
  164. Now I've seen it all
  165. Attention Tommy Hanson & Atlanta Braves collectors...
  166. OT: Illustrated NFL Website Prints - Posters
  167. Barry Bonds wife files for legal separation...
  168. djusticefan please email me!
  169. Need Opinions On A Mock-Up Player LOA
  170. OT: Jamie - Email Help
  171. Warning: Mebmer Midwestfan09
  172. Yankee pitcher Chien-Ming "Got Wanged" tonight vs Red Sox
  173. SUAVE - Jason - ATTN.
  174. eBay seller "answertime"
  175. OT- Ebay format
  176. OT - Career change to Movie Star (LOL)
  177. Penguins Win!
  178. Share your Wrigley Field Items
  179. Anyone have any cool stories about sports and your Dad?
  180. Sosa named in PED samples from 2003
  181. My heavily-trafficked website
  182. OT Yankees vs. Red Sox
  183. I Desperately Need Help On Website Building - Please Help
  184. Steiner Dodgers contact needed
  185. MLB auctions, paypal?
  186. O/T - Doesn't Look LIKE PED's HELPED JOSE CANSECO
  187. Somebody PLEASE steal my idea, it could make you million$!
  188. Huge Yankee fan but!!!!!!!!!!!
  189. Found another sports photo Website!!!
  190. Auction houses and credit cards
  191. Pedro Martinez a Yankee??????
  192. OT: Best hanger to hang up a jersey
  193. "Official" All-Star Game FanFest Thread
  194. grey flannel is a joke
  195. Completed my latest project: 8 bat display case
  196. OT: Wanted Pair of Ruby Slippers -- ASAP!
  197. Kellsox please email me
  198. "Where did you get this bat!!??"
  199. Worst Price You've Paid for Game-Used Item?
  200. RIP Dusty Rhodes
  201. Yankees sign autographs for charity during spring training
  202. I Don't Get It! - Why Is He Getting So Much Positive Publicity?
  203. Is there a game used contact for the Clev. Indians?
  204. 3arod13 can you please email me?
  205. O/T - Looking For Collector's Websites
  206. Website Building - webs.com
  207. Michael Jackson passes away
  208. RIP, Farrah Fawcett
  209. O/T - Farve Is A Viking
  210. A Sports-Related Gift From Syracuse
  211. Show me your favorite commemorative patch and why you like it
  212. Trade Rumor:
  213. Ever sold to someone famous?
  214. Supposed 103 Name Steroid List Leaked!!!
  215. Looking for video of 2006 WBC
  216. Gameused - contact me re: Agbayani
  217. Pujols 'Ouch My I' baseball
  218. I'm throwing out the first pitch!
  219. Help with Autograph on bat
  220. How much value does an auto add?
  221. Looking for Video of NLCS of St. Louis against the San Francisco Giants at Pack Bell Park on 10/13/2002
  222. Frank Thomas to retire?!
  223. RIP Steve McNair
  224. Show me your racing stuff, does else collect NASCAR stuff besides me?
  225. Mastro Fine Sports Auction Scandal Article 7/5
  226. OT: Most Unusual Autographed item
  227. Cubs & Wrigley Field sold!!!
  228. 22-1???
  229. OT Orioles have reason for high hopes
  230. Is the season over for the Mets?
  231. Lenny Dykstra Financial Genius??? Nooot!!
  233. BeanTown/CJ - Please email me.
  234. Texas Rangers GU Contact
  235. markfd
  236. RIP: Jessie Hollins CUBS
  237. Top 5 Most Valuable Current GW JErseys
  238. OT: RIP Arturo Gatti
  239. Arturo Gatti RIP!!!
  240. Best and Worst baseball jerseys of the 1980's
  241. O/T - Way To Go Heritage Auctions!! - Spared No Expense!!
  242. BMH, can you email me?
  243. Okay fess up...which GUU member took Fielder's Derby-winning ball??
  244. Jersey Cases
  245. Team Hotels in LAD & SFO
  246. JMJ24 please email, having probs with your email
  247. I know that I've been busy lately, but how did I miss this trade?
  248. sox83cubs84......please contact me
  249. AAA All Star Game memorabilia
  250. MUSEOVEN please contact me,thanks!