View Full Version : PLEASE READ - UPDATE From New Moderating Committee

02-21-2010, 07:11 PM
Hello Everyone,

After working with the new committee members this past week, it is very clear to me that they are going to do a fantastic job in helping oversee the forum and maintaining a positive environment for all who participate. This is very exciting and I think we should all be thankful to the current committee members for their passion and commitment to helping the community. Also, I’m sure we will all agree that special thanks should also be given to Mike Specht as a sponsor and for his remaining actively involved with the moderating committee and helping with the site in general.

With that said, I wanted to take a moment to address some of the questions/suggestions that have been put forth to let people know the moderating committee is committed to constant and continual improvement for the forum. I will list the points in no particular order as I try to address the major questions we believe were being asked:

1) The Registration Process: At this point we are looking into adding a few additional, simple steps to the registration process in an attempt to verify the identities of potential members and eliminate the possible reincarnations of previously banned members. Again, we will try to keep the process simple but it seems we need to put this in place to protect against potential abuses. We need to verify a few things with our developers and will provide an update when the additions are ready.

2) The Ability to Edit Posts: For a number of reasons, we will not be implementing the edit feature for general use. With this in mind, we suggest members take advantage of the “Preview” feature before making their posts. In addition, if you are emotional for any reason when posting, please take a moment before you post to think about your responsibility as a member to make sure all posts should be created with a sincere attempt to benefit the hobby. As stated in the forum rules “By participating in this forum, you agree to the responsibility of contributing to, and helping to maintain, a positive and constructive environment.” Once a post is made, if there is something important that needs to be corrected (please note we are not talking about things like typos), members can use the ‘Contact Forum Moderators’ link on the site to request the change. The moderators will be happy to assist although we don’t want these types of requests to get out of control. Therefore, once again, please use the “Preview” feature before posting and make sure you keep in mind that all posts should be made with a sincere effort to maintain a positive environment.

3) Off-Topic Forum Folder: We have created an off-topic folder on the forum and included a description of what type of threads are appropriate for this site. Specifically, the folder is entitled “General Sports Discussion” with the description that it is intended for discussions of general sports and hobby-related topics outside of specific game used memorabilia. This forum is not intended for topics unrelated to sports and will be monitored in strict accordance with forum rules. Please note the fact that this folder is for sports related topics and not things like politics, religion, etc.

4) Suggestions for the Forum: We sincerely appreciate member suggestions and want to hear any thoughts members may have to make the forum better. With that said, we would like members to submit their suggestions via the “Contact Forum Moderators” link. To make sure these requests are viewed and responded to, we have a committee member who will be in charge of presenting ideas to the committee for review. This will make the process easier for the moderating committee to handle suggestions while also making sure the committee as a whole can review and respond to member ideas.

5) Publishing a Banned Member List: After weighing the positives and negatives of publishing a list of banned members, the committee decided against doing so. Rather, we will be focusing on keeping a positive environment on the forum and making it a place for members to feel comfortable sharing their ideas.

6) Collector to Collector Classifieds: For now, for reasons stated on the site, we will be keeping the $500 limit in the ‘Collector to Collector Classifieds’ section. However, we are discussing some other upgrades and alternatives which we will report on when we have updates.

7) Back-Up Committee Members: The committee has decided who they would like to have as back-ups for the committee and we will be emailing them to confirm their interest in participating in that capacity. Once we have their responses, we will let the forum members know who they are.

I think that covers things for now. Again, if you have any other suggestions please feel free to use the ‘Contact Forum Moderators’ link to send us your ideas. We will be happy to review them and respond to them.