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02-21-2014, 02:23 PM
Hello Everyone,

As I trust we have proven already, Goldin Auctions works as hard as anyone to promote our auctions to generate bids for our consignors. From our appearances on CNBC to Bloomberg Television, ESPN, Fox News and various other news agencies, people often tell us they are amazed at just how visible we are in the marketplace. Further, based on independent tracking of web traffic, the Goldin Auctions website currently receives significantly more web traffic than all of its major competitors whose primary focus is sports memorabilia auctions. This is determined by visits per day, page-views per day, etc. This, of course, has translated into incredible realized prices that have benefited our consignors and enabled us to create a great deal of consignor loyalty.

With that said, we have a unique opportunity right now for potential consignors to our upcoming July ‘Babe Ruth’ auction. As you may already know, we are planning an enormous event for this July that will be one of the biggest auction events our industry has seen in some time. With this auction, in addition to all the media coverage we will be getting -- obviously we will likely once again be on all the major news networks, etc. -- we will also be doing some other marketing that is somewhat staggering. With respect to catalog distribution, we currently have one of the 3 most widely distributed catalogs in the sports industry. However, for the Babe Ruth auction we expect our catalog distribution to TRIPLE, far exceeding any auction conducted in our industry. In addition, we will be sending out over 1 million brochures to promote the auction as well. Please note that is NOT A TYPO. We will be sending out over 1 million brochures with the distribution to include:

a) Approximately 150,000 to our database;
b) Approximately 150,000 to the PSA database;
c) Approximately 150,000 through the Dupont Registry;
d) Over 300,000 through other sources targeting high net worth individuals; and
e) 250,000 thru Major League Baseball sources, stadiums, museums, and card dealers.

Needless to say, this is a unique opportunity for you to place your items in one of the most visible auctions our industry has seen in some time. If you have any items you are considering consigning, please contact us right away so we can try to reserve placement for your items in this auction. As you can imagine, we are already getting tons of items and we cannot guarantee placement of your items if you wait until the last minute to consign.

In addition, if you have any VERY HIGH-END items you would like to consign we might have a unique marketing opportunity for them if you contact us right away.

We look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully having the privilege of representing your items in this blockbuster event. If you would like to contact me directly to discuss this further, I can be reached by phone at 925.413.1429 or by email at chris@gameuseduniverse.com.