View Full Version : Two more MLBers with "too much fan mail"

10-23-2015, 09:28 PM
In the last month, I've received replies from Jurickson Profar (Texas) and Brock Holt (Boston with unsigned items, team issued cards/photos, also unsigned, and a note that they have too much fan mail to answer it personally. I'll try them again in spring training 2016 to see if my luck is any better, but, as of now, don't get your hopes up with a stadium mail request.

Dave Miedema

10-25-2015, 12:12 AM
I personally know of one particular Padres player that doesn't handle fan mail. He is great with fans and signs a ton for them. He just had a discomfort with opening fan mail and what can be in it. I don't know if it comes from a bad past experience or what, but he is really uncomfortable with it. I have had several interactions with him and he is one of the most down to earth players I have ever come across and was extremely nice. I am not sure how the team handles his fan mail, but it may be a similar case.