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12-30-2005, 05:40 PM
Hello Everyone-

I wanted to take a moment to announce Game Used Universe’s new membership programs to kick off 2006. We are very excited to bring potential members what we believe are fantastic programs that exemplify our commitment to provide ever-increasing benefits to the game used collecting community.

Here are highlights from the new membership packages:

· Our paid memberships will now include ONE FREE GAME-USED ITEM AUTHENTICATION FROM GLOBAL AUTHENTICATION (A $75 VALUE). Paid members will also receive a 10% discount on all subsequent game used items submitted to Global.

· Among other benefits, our new Basic Membership will include access to our new “Ask The Experts” program coming in January. Under this program, members will be able to ask any question they like to any expert on our Experts’ Corner. Also coming in January, Basic Members will be able to view a complete copy archive of all game used item Letters of Authenticity that were issued by SCDA.

· Along with the benefits from our Complimentary and Basic Memberships, Premium Members will receive a copy of Vince Malta’s upcoming “Complete Reference Guide to Louisville Slugger Professional Player Bats" (a $29.95 value), access to all our online Bat Player Charts, and, also coming in January, access to our “Ask About Bat Shipping Records” program. In the “Ask About Bat Shipping Records” program, Premium Members can submit any question they like regarding Louisville Slugger factory records and our experts Mike Specht (Global Authentication’s bat authenticator) and Jim Caravello will provide perspective to questions for which factory records are available (this will also include non Hall-of-Famers).

· Current Game Used Universe Gold Members will have access to all the benefits provided to new Premium Members. In addition, Gold Members will receive a promotion code for a free game used item authentication from Global Authentication upon their first renewal. To receive their promotion code, all renewing Gold Members will need to do is request the code by email.

We have provided a full explanation of these new memberships on the following page:

http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/coming_soon.php (http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/coming_soon.php)

Once again, we are extremely excited to bring you these new membership packages and we look forward to continuing our quest to provide every possible benefit we can to the collecting community.

Christopher Cavalier
CEO – Game Used Universe