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01-06-2006, 09:55 PM
I was just wondering what you think of this Brett bat on ebay. I dont have access to the Louisville ordering records, just wondering if this matches for that time period.

http://cgi.ebay.com/GEORGE-BRETT-Game-Used-Bat-WORLD-SERIES-AL-Champ-390_W0QQitemZ8744113969QQcategoryZ60596QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem

01-07-2006, 03:29 PM

Here is the H & B record information you are looking for.

The bat you reference is correctly dated to the 1980-1983 H & B labeling period. It is described as Model T85, unfinished, signature model, 34 inches in length.

During the labeling period during which this bat was manufactured,1980-1983, Model T85 was a favorite model ordered by George Brett. Between 1/7/80 and 10/10/83, approximately 29 orders of Model T85 George Brett signature bats were sent to Brett, totaling approximately 332 bats. Of these bats , all were ordered in the length of 34.5 inches with the exception of one order of 12 bats on 3/19/80 which were 34 inches in length.

In addition to the orders sent to Brett, there were several orders of Model T85 sent to "Baseball Miscellaneous" or "Baseball Promotions" during that labeling period, three iorders of which, totaling 5 bats, were in 34 inch length.

Note also that the 4.5 inch, "Large New Label" was introduced in 1980 and continud into the 1983 season, when it was replaced at some point with the smaller "new label." There remains a difference of opinion between collectors whether both labels were produced to the end of the labeling period in 1983. This info is pointed out to preface the fact that 500 Model T85 Brett signature bats were shipped to the Kansas City Royals on 11/22/83 that were 34 inches in length with no weight specifications. It is not clear whether they were used for an off season promotion, or an early order of 1984 'index bats, or whether they would have the large or small 'new label'.

The characteristic Brett game used Model T85 bat of this labeling period would be unfinished, 34.5 inches in length and weigh between 31 and 32 ounces (plus or minus for storage conditions.) Do some research on Brett secondary characteristics and see if the pine tar pattern, handwriting on the knob, etc, match known examples of Brett gamers. A good source for that research might be at www.vintagebats.com (http://www.vintagebats.com) where a lengthy description of Brett gamers, with very good photographs, was recently seen. www.vintagebats.com/feature_page-George%20Brett.htm (http://www.vintagebats.com/feature_page-George%20Brett.htm)

Note also that this seller offers a guarantee that the bat will pass the authentication process. You may want to ask him, prior to the end of the auction, just what that means -- either a full refund if it does not pass, or a full refund including reimbursement of all authentication fees, shipping, etc if it does not pass.

Good Luck in future collecting.


01-08-2006, 08:43 PM
I really appreciate all of the information, Thanks a lot!!!