Hello Everyone,

We are making this post to let everyone know that we will be temporarily closing the "Items For Sale" folder beginning September 15, 2007 and it will remain closed until the consignment auction ends on October 25th. Obviously, it would be unfair to our consignors to leave a competing section of the site open while the auction is in progress.

After the consignment auction ends, we will be launching an enhanced platform where people can list items for sale on the GUU site. We will explain more about the upgraded platform in the near future. As for now, we will simply say the new platform will be much more beneficial to collectors and especially potential buyers looking for legitimate merchandise.

We look forward to providing a vast array of great memorabilia in the upcoming GUU auction starting at the end of this month as well as launching the new platform for buyers and sellers once the consignment auction has ended.

Chris Cavalier