I often see undershirts offered in auctions and for sale on ebay, mainly for high profile players. Never really knew how prices are established for such pieces. I have seen some very raggedy, stained, torn shirts offered at some top prices. Often it's just a shirt with a black marker number written on it. Don't know if it's team issued or something the player bought. People still scoop these up at top prices. I guess just being "attributed" to a player is the main qualifier? I do see the significance in some of the special items, such as the Munson undershirt currently offered. The passing of a high profile player, item from the family, used his final year, $8,500.00 is quite the asking price. Just curious what his known game jerseys fetch?

https://www.ebay.com/itm/THURMAN-MUNSON-1979-GAME-USED-GUT-SHIRT-VERY-RARE-ESTATE-PIECE-COA-1-1/401235919657?hash=item5d6b864329:g:Kh8AAOSwa~BYQG4 3