View Full Version : Game Used Universe Launches Online Store

12-24-2008, 04:06 PM
Game Used Universe is pleased to announce we have just launched the initial version of the GUU online store. Consistent with our efforts to help collectors in every way possible, our goal is to create a GUU marketplace that consists of only truly legitimate items. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a number of mechanisms to protect collectors. These mechanisms can be found in the store’s terms and conditions found here:

http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/auctions.php (http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/auctions.php)

Please note that the roll-out of the GUU store will take place in phases and at this point we are offering only select items to make sure everything runs smoothly. Specifically:

1) While we will be expanding the product offerings in the future, the initial GUU store offerings will focus predominantly on items with team and/or player provenance. As with the Oakland Raider items we have currently in the store, we look forward to offering many hard to find items with this type of provenance.

2) For the initial launch, the items focus on football. However, new items are going to be added daily/weekly so we ask you to check back frequently. In fact, we will be adding a number of baseball related items over the next few weeks.

3) While the initial version of the store does have a number of features for users, we will also be adding more user features in January.

If you would like to visit the GUU store, please click here:

http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/auction/?set_auction_type=self (http://www.gameuseduniverse.com/auction/?set_auction_type=self)

In addition, we will also begin accepting consignments for the GUU store sometime in January. If you are interested in consigning items to the store, please email us at sales@gameuseduniverse.com (sales@gameuseduniverse.com).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to creating a marketplace of legitimate items for the collecting community.